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About Us

Dana Pufall, the creator of Simple Pearls, is an esthetician, pilates instructor, and designer with the purpose of trying to raise awareness about mass consumption waste as well as other economical concerns that are rapidly arising. As a blended family of 8 Dana and her family are always looking for new ideas of how to live simple and effective lives so more time can be spent having fun together. 

In honor of her grandmother, Geneva Pearl Henley, who loved pearls, Dana created Simple Pearl Jewelry. Geneva Pearl was killed during a robbery while Dana was a child. A portion of the proceeds of Simple Pearls Jewelry will go to various prison ministries as she believes in man's value, redemption, and  forgiveness as being an essential element to life. 

Here at simple pearls we are excited and dedicated to giving back to our communities. We care about you and your future! We take a portion of our profits and send them to local and national charities whose mission is to create change by investing in people, our earth, and recycling to maintain sustainability.  Check out our charities/organizations page.

In case you missed it before, we believe in recycling and re-purposing to reduce waste. We also believe in buying the things that bring value and beauty into your life. That's why all of our packaging is made from recycled cardboard boxes. Our handmade soap and lotion is 100% organic and made with the highest quality herbs, oils, and pearl minerals. Don't forget about our handmade high grade A, AA, and AAA 100% real freshwater pearl jewelry. We strive to produce quality not quantity items.

We pride ourselves in finding value in all forms of life. We choose to love and support people, not things. Our goal is to encourage others to create a holistic minimalist lifestyle that brings real joy to your soul by focusing on the simple wisdom of life. Or what we call life's Simple Pearls.

Know of a worthy foundation or charity we should consider supporting? Shoot us an email with the website address or attach additional information and we will check it out!

When you buy from us you are supporting a family owned and operated business.             

                                               We thank you for your support!



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