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10 Reasons Why I Choose Pearl Powder In My Skin Care Routine

Posted by Dana Pufall on
10 Reasons Why I Choose Pearl Powder In My Skin Care Routine

Benefits of Pearl Powder

Most of you have probably never heard of pearl powder before and for me to suggest that you drink it or use it in your skin care routine sounds crazy. But believe me you're missing out on one of nature's most beneficial treasure troves. It's really no secret at all. For thousands of years ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic cultures have used pearl powder for love potions, relaxants, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory health reasons.  From skin concerns to supporting overall healthy immune systems this powerhouse antioxidant is universal in all of its uses. That is why I have chosen to use pearl powder as my main active ingredient for my soaps and lotions. Here is my list of top 10 reasons why I love and use pearl powder.

  1. Creates collagen and fibroblast for skins rejuvenation
  2. Helps cure acne
  3. Lightens skin by fighting against the production of melanin
  4. Has 8 of the essential amino acids that our bodies don't naturally have
  5. Has 30 trace minerals
  6. Prolongs lifespan
  7. Supports healthy bones and helps treat osteoporosis
  8. Anti-depressant, helps anxiety, promotes relaxation and sleep
  9. Improves memory and the immune system
  10. Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant 

Keep reading if you want to learn the science behind my list of 10 beneficial reasons why I chose Pearl Powder in my Simple Pearls soaps and lotions.

The Science Behind It All


Pearl Powder is made by boiling then grinding freshwater or saltwater pearls into a fine powder that can be added to skin care or by dissolving it in water to ingest. Pearl powder contains 30 trace minerals including magnesium and potassium which are known to help with stress, calming nerves, as well as skin and body health. 

Pearl Powder is such a great anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agent because of its magnesium content. Magnesium has an ability to elevate GABA levels, which can help alleviate depression, anxiety, and promote healthy sleeping. 

With the high level of calcium that pearl powder contains it is known to fight against osteoporosis if ingested internally. Externally the high calcium amounts promote skin regeneration and moisture as well as regulate sebum and cellular turnover. 

The Amino Acids in the pearl powder help stimulate skin cells and produce collagen. They promote cellular repair. They also help with keeping the skin hydrated and protect the skin from pollution and outside elements. 

As far as being a powerful antioxidant it is said to boost two of the body's most abundant antioxidants, superoxide dismutase and gluyathione, which fight against disease and help extend life.

One of my most favorite things about pearl powder is the sheen it leaves on your skin giving the skin a luminous appearance. It reduces the activation of tyrosinase, which is an enzyme that causes melanin. This is how it helps lighten the appearance of skin discoloration and tone. 

Nacre in pearl powder helps stimulate fibroblasts that accelerate the body's healing abilities. Stimulating the wound healing response helps produce collagen which causes the skin to regenerate itself helping the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

With all these scientific reasons of why pearl powder is awesome there's no question why I just had to try it out. And I love it. I hope you do too. As with anything we use or try, results may vary since everyone has different health and skin needs. No one is exactly alike and it is possible as with anything to be allergic to the powder, especially if there is already a seafood allergy concern.

With that being said, there are so many uses and benefits from the powder, you truly are missing out if you haven't given this simply wonderful little beauty gem a try. I hope you love it too. Let me know what you thought if you tried it and remember to show some love to someone and yourself today!

Take Care!


Simple Pearls

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